Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some useful links about Iceland.

I decided to share some links which you may find helpful while you're in Iceland. Enjoy! - best weather forecast you can get in Iceland. But beware, Icelandic weather is really strange and I would not trust the forecast for more than 2 days up front. - info about driving conditions and closed roads - very important before planning to go anywhere - some roads may be closed even until the end of June. - phone book, yellow pages and very good map of Iceland - useful for finding restaurants, companies, planning routs, trips etc. - website for concerts, cinema, theater and other events ticket reservation - be quick as sometimes tickets for concerts of international or very popular bands disappear in couple of hours - info about Akureyri ski slope Hlidarfjall, and here you can see the slope yourself thanks to four web cams. - useful for those that want to visit Reykjavik, but they don't have a car (or they are too drunk to drive :P) - bus schedule and map of the bus routes. If you want to buy bus pass (ticket for one, two or more weeks) you should look for it at the main bus station (Hlemmur) or at the swimming pools (sic!). - your gastronomic guide to Iceland :) - pictures and description of all of Iceland's swimming pools - very useful site :)

Bonus and Vinbud - two most popular brands of shops in Iceland :) - news about Iceland in English - very good blog about Iceland - mostly politics and crisis :P - list of all cruise ships that will visit Akureyri during the summer

And if you want to escape the island or just go somewhere -, and

Bye Iceland!

Pictures from last days I spent in Niceland ;)

RES welcome event for new students.

Management at work.

205 precious collection.

Last pub quiz.

Graduation Ceremony.

Well that's it I guess... I'm not sure what to do with this blog... I may post some stuff here connected with Iceland or RES, but I can't promise anything. It was fun to run it and I hope I helped some people looking for info about Iceland or the school. Good fight, good night :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preparing for Thesis Presentation.

This is how I prepared for thesis presentation :P
First of all - I will have to leave my precious bike - I hope new owner will take care of him!

Waiting for opening ceremony of 2009/2010 year - good luck guys!

Get-together beer after the ceremony.

Too many pictures :P

Hardly working...

I love this sport!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Last days in Reykjavik.

Time for a small picture update. These are from my last few weeks in Reykjavik and Mosfellsbaer.
Back to Iceland - somewhere over Denmark.

Evening walk in Mosfellsbaer.

Japan festival hosted by University of Iceland.

Some pictures from work.

My desk in the office.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wii Remote offtopic.

Today one of the employees in Innovation Center showed us how one can use a Wiimote controller in the serious, professional research :) This way I found the website of a guy who does amazing things with Nintendo controller. I really recommend to see the video with head tracking! Just check this out:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas and New Years Eve in Poland.

Good morning everybody :P and Happy New Year. It's been a long time since I have published something here, but you have to excuse me - I was on a small winter break in Poland and I didn't have much time to do anything with the blog. I, however, had some time to shoot number of pictures with my brand new Canon EOS 450d :D

First of all I had a funny trip to Copenhagen from Reykjavik - there was a band performing on the plane during the flight - Icelanders are crazy :)

My mom and my brother playing with my dog during our stay at my mom's family house in Sudety mountains.

Mi familia.

Everything covered in ice...

My parents 25th year anniversary party for a small group of friends.

Beautiful day for a walk.

New Years Eve trip to Ustrzyki Dolne in Bieszczady Mountains region with a group of my friends.
Seba :P


Śmieżymy :P

-15°C barbecue.

My beer!



True winter sport!

So that's it, of course there were many more thing happening but it'll remain private :D I had a great time in PL and I can't wait to go back. I mean Iceland is beautiful and so on, and I will never forget this country and people, but after this visit I really realized that there is no place like home.
Anyways, I'm back in warm and rainy Iceland (it's 8°C here comparing to Poland's -15...) and now probably, there will be no more updates until February - I have to write the thesis finally :P